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Hello and welcome to MAD Fanon WIKI, the ultimate source for the spin-off Cartoon Network series MAD and for MAD Magazine. This wiki was created on October 2, 2010. So far, there are 3,192 articles, and we need all the help we can, so please help us by correcting a mistake or adding information to a page. The complete series is rated TV-PG-V for moderate violence.

If you vandalize this wiki, all your edits will be undone and all members of the wiki will be informed of this to keep you off of the wiki. But until then, here is an excellent place to go to—The Mad Cartoon Network Wiki!

What is MAD? Edit

Mad poster

MAD is an animated sketch comedy on Cartoon Network, based on MAD Magazine. MAD magazine (and the show) parody many popular shows or products, usually putting two popular things together in one sketch.

Some examples from the show are "Roadhouse M.D." (House M.D.), "Casebook" (Facebook), "Grand Theft Auto Zone IV" (Auto Zone and the game Grand Theft Auto IV), and "Dumbest Stuff on Hot Wheels" (Hot Wheels and Dumbest Stuff on Wheels).

MAD is a Spin-off cartoon based off of MAD Magazine.

Characters Edit

Alfred E. Numan MAD

Alfred E. Neuman

Black Spy MAD
White Spy MAD

Black Spy

White Spy

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